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About www.swseller.com

SWseller specializes in Star Wars memorabilia,Vintage (1977-1989) to Modern (1990-present). Carrying the largest and most diverse Star Wars inventory in the world, with thousands of Star Wars collectibles available at competitive prices, there is something for everyone

I have been in business since 1998 via eBay (ID swseller), and the web (www.swseller.com) or (http://www.theswstore.com). I will provide the best customer service, and ensure every customer is happy with their experience. As a collector myself, I understand the importance of product condition. All orders are professionally packed and handled with care.

I am always interested in buying collections. Please email lists to swseller@aol.com. You can also send them through the mail to:

James Boryla
1036 Sundew Way
San Jacinto, CA 92582

Thank you for your interest in SWseller.com.

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